Be Creative.

This blog post is something that resonates highly with me as I struggle to get back my creative abilitys to a level that I am happy at (for the minute) while I fight to get on top of my mental health

Live Your Truth

I have had an epiphany recently I want to share with you. I have realised that I am at my happiest when I am doing something creative. Making, painting, drawing, writing, designing, it does not matter what really, as long as it is using my creative energy in an inspiring way.

333a14bce7b8bfee9360b19537487819 Doesn’t this make you want to get a coffee, whip out the water-colours, start writing and painting and sprinkling flowers everywhere?? YAS!!!

Getting lost in the zone of inspiration is the best feeling ever. I love that zone. In the <FLOW>. When you are so absorbed in what you are doing, so into it, your mind turns off to all the rubbish it continually circles through, you are completely in your zen, you are completely absorbed in what you are doing in that very moment. Now that is bliss.

This feeling of complete immersion I feel is…

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